District Police Thirst for DUIs

When most people say, "Don't drink and drive," they mean, "Don't get shitfaced and put your and other people's lives in danger." When the city of Washington, D.C says, "Don't drink and drive," they mean, "We must fill our arrest quotas and raise money from frivolous fines." Drivers in the District can be arrested for having a blood alcohol count as low as .01. Perspective: Maryland and Virginia define drunk as .05 or above. Nationally, drunk is .08 (next Wonkette party will be held in a national park). Blood-alcohol of .01? You can get that from smelling vermouth. (Which is all we ever do with vermouth, anyway.)

Has anyone checked into the campaign donation records of Diamond Cab?

Single Glass of Wine Immerses D.C. Driver in Legal Battle [WP]


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