Disturbing Images Caught by Trail Cams Will Give You the Creeps! Tabs, Tues., Sept. 29, 2020

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Trump Biden debate TONIGHT, 9 p.m. Eastern. Watch with us or be an idiot!

Oh what's this that Shy made us now, it's so pretty!

Biden Harris bumper sticker, so pretty https://wonkettebazaar.com/products/biden-harris-new-dawn-bumper-sticker

NYT Pt. Deux: How Trump used the idiot box to get rich off idiots.

This article is based on an examination of data from those returns, which include personal and business tax filings for Mr. Trump and his companies spanning more than two decades. Every dollar is disclosed for the first time: $8,768,330 paid to him by ACN, a multilevel marketing company that was accused of taking advantage of vulnerable investors; $50,000 from the Lifetime channel for a "juicy nighttime soap" that never materialized; $5,026 in net income from a short-lived mortgage business; and $15,286,244 from licensing his name to a line of mattresses.

It goes from his licensing successes in TV to giving pretty short shrift to his licensing deals on buildings. If you don't have unlimited NYT access, save the click. — NYT

The $72 million check Trump got from US taxpayers. Which is a bargain when you compare it to what we've paid him to golf. (Slate)

Trump, Parscale, Cambridge Analytica, and the RNC worked with their helpful Facebook embed team to target millions of African Americans for "deterrence" from voting in 2016. Oh, did Parscale tell Congress they didn't separate voters by race? Well, that was probably completely absolutely a lie. — Channel Four

A grand juror in the Breonna Taylor case has filed suit demanding to be allowed to speak as to what Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron presented to them. Seems like maybe someone hasn't been totally honest with the citizenry. (Filing)

Oh look the deliberations are being released. — NYT

Cops are getting their Q on. This should end well. — Mother Jones

The wealthy are the real welfare queens and Donald Trump is their king. (Mother Jones)

CDC head Robert Redfield saying Trump advisor Scott Atlas is the king of lies while talking loudly enough on an airplane for an NBC reporter to overhear. — NBC News

Some senior Democrats really love to accept GOP framing and then tsk tsk their fellow Dems for "civility." "Dick Durbin: Hillary's 'Flat-Out Wrong' For Saying Joe Biden Shouldn't Concede." (Daily Beast)

Meanwhile, every word of this is true: "Own the libs" is morphing into "kill the libs," and it's becoming policy. — Slate

Hey guys California is still on fire. (NBC)

Bill Barr bullied me because I backed civil rights. (Daily Beast)

Glenn Greenwald is sad that Rachel Maddow won't bash Democrats from the left with him, like he says she used to back in The Day. Now she's got him banned from MSNBC, where all the show bookers are clamoring for him, but they can't have him :( (Nobody is clamoring for him, Glenn Greenwald is the worst.) Yes, I'm linking The Hill. Warning, annoying autoplay! Warning, The Hill!

Pelosi is preparing for a tie in the Electoral College, which would go to the House by state delegation. Gahhhhh. (Politico)

Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear. The children left behind by remote learning. Oh no oh dear. — ProPublica

Well then let's end with beer cake. Chocolate stout cake for RBG. (Salon)

Wait no, let's end with this:

Yes, that's better.

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