DIY Border Patrol Underway in Arizona

boosh.jpgThe Minuteman Project, a month-long citizen-initiated project to guard the Arizona border from illegal immigrant crossings, is underway, and media turnout for the effort has exceeded expectations! Reportedly, there are 100 to 120 journalists on hand to document the story. As far as citizen participation goes, more than one thousand volunteers were anticipated, but only a couple hundred have shown up so far. But what they lack in numbers, they more than make up for in camo garb, mustaches, and tough-old-coot grizzledness. (Journalist/blogger Marc Cooper has the best pix.) Still, the LA Times says the DIY border patrollers are already making a difference: "Enriquez said more than 400 people a day walk these harsh trails. But news of the Minutemen's arrival, combined with media hype in Mexico, has cut the traffic to a few dozen a day." Finally, some good news from the War on Low Strawberry Prices!

Lawn Chair Militias [Marc Cooper]

A Roadblock, Not a Barrier for Migrants [LA Times]

Border Volunteers Basking in Attention [AZ Republic]


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