Dizzy Gillespie

* Nobody ever taught Pervez how to share. [NYT]

* Defending something so unconstitutional we imagine could be pretty ridiculous, but somehow the United States government finds a way. [NYT]

* Ed Gillespie is going to fill in for Rove, but at this point they may as well go with a monkey and a dart board. [WP]

* No money and total obscurity doesn't stop this former fat-ass from trying to get someone to notice him. [LAT]

* In his six years and change as president, Bush has never been to Vermont and maybe that's why there's nothing horribly wrong there. [WT]

* It's sort of a miracle that some idiot running for something somewhere hasn't totally blown themselves up by saying something totally retarded and getting famous on YouTube. But hey, it's still early. [Politico]

* Free healthcare and pensions for everybody... becoming Old Europe certainly does seem like something to avoid. [The Hill]


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