Hope you had a great work week and are heading toHappytown for the weekend! Hooray! Enjoy our tales of OJ Simpson, DJ Tanner, Carmen Electra, some motorcycle dude, Stephen Colbert, Ron Paul, and more! It's a big ol' party in today's Happy Links.

The OJ Simpson copter chase pilots love each other now, and also they are both women!

Candace Cameron Bure got upset with Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs.

Ron Paul is gonna act in Atlas Shrugged III, a film we will not see.

Rian Johnson will direct two Star Wars movies, yaaay!

Ah-nuld and fart noises and a video, hooray!

Carmen Electra sang a happy tune.

A motorcyclist survived a crazy crash, and there's video!

An unhappy intern from Yale complained about fetching coffee. We advised her.

No violence was reported at the National Marble Championships, thank GOD.

Stephen Colbert was funny about the Iraq.

And here is your sideboob.



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