DNC 2004: Who needs prostitutes when you have the Internet?

Charging $200 an hour and saying political events are among their most lucrative times, prostitutes are converging on Boston...and we're not just talking about members of the House Minority Caucus. But practitioners of the world's oldest profession may be facing stiff competition online. A search for the keyword "Convention" on the Boston Craigslist reveals that many Conventiongoers are looking for more than nominating the next POTUS:

Are you a discreet top? Then, "No strings at all; just sex."

36 y.o. bi-jock-married-dude is looking for action.

If groupsex suits your fancy, there's a 21 y.o. Asian gal on the prowl.

If you aren't into the whole meeting-someone-over-the-'Net hookup scene, Blogger Mr. Sun offers his more practical online advice, including these words of wisdom: "I would stress to chicks that the French approve of meaningless sex, because Democratic girls will do anyting if the French approve."

Prostitutes Join Police Converging on DNC Boston [Reuters/Yahoo]

craigslist > boston > personals [CraigsList]

How I would score at the convention. [Mr. Sun]


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