DNC Blog Roundup: Bloggers like booze

Some thirty-odd web logs have been credentialed for the Democratic National Convention. Since we all know that, if you want to know what is really going on during an event like this, the place to find out won't be your local newspaper--you'll find the backstory in the blogs. Judging from the early returns, bloggers like to get liquored up...

"The quantity of alcohol and food literally blew me away. Apparently, the Globe shelled out a half-million for this debauchery..." [Off The Fence]

"There's a bunch of Red Sox fans going nuts in the bar next to where I'm eating..." [BOR]

Prostitute story, "Sort of trumps the whole story about bloggers being at the convention..." [Electablog]

"The rest of us, reading from a 23 page single-spaced, Excel spreadsheet, have to comb through and figure which of the


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