DNC Charades Winner Jennifer Granholm Was Once Sex-Kitten Dating Game Tramp


We are mildly late to this clip of former (uh, then-future?) Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm's epic appearance on The Dating Game in 1978, when she was an absurdly chirpy 19-year-old wanna-be actress asking mildly suggestive questions of men who look like they belong in a skeevy porn video or a Bee Gees tribute band (OK, maybe not Bachelor Number 3, who looks more like a junior high school assistant principal from any era in history). But if you had a time machine, meeting 1978 Jennifer Granholm does seem like it should be the first order of business (post KILLING HITLER.)

Your Editrix gushed over the IM that the Carter-era version of Granholm "looks just like Cassie on It's A Living," played by the timeless Ann Jillian, perhaps her first childhood crush. Also crossed with Olivia Newton-John, but then every woman with blonde hair in the 1970s looked like Olivia Newton-John somehow. Or Farrah. As Granholm said after the clip resurfaced last week, “I was a teenager in the 70’s!” she wrote. “My hair could’ve been a nest for an entire family of birds!” Also, too, according to a Granholm aide, young Jennifer did not actually go on the prize date, a "trip to Palm Springs, Calif., for a stay at the 'fabulous' Sheraton there," but let the winning bachelor go by himself. (Story tip for Breitbart.com: if she won the prize but did not accept it, was she still liable for the taxes, and did she pay? America must vet this 1978 video!)

We have no political ambitions whatsoever, but are nonetheless relieved that no photographic existence exists of the powder blue leisure suit, which was only slightly less tacky than the host's tux-like garment here, that we wore at our 8th-grade graduation.

[YouTube / Politico / NYT]

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