DNC Delegates pay $120 each to protect them from Edwards' funders

fred baron john edwards.jpgProving the axiom that the only interests that are special are the other guy's special interests, Democratic delegates are paying $120 a piece for liability insurance. (That'll cut into their coke money!) As lawyer and blogger Walter Olson notes, "imagine if they were doing something physically riskier than just waving placards around."

The cost of the insurance was likely boosted because of the overwhelming number of trial lawyers in the room. (Just like a whorehouse: when lawyers walk in, the prices go up.) For example, Fred Baron, the former Edwards fundraiser who is being sued for taking a $30 million payday from a SaMo environmental cleanup fund, is now Co-Chairing Kerry's Victory '04 Effort. He's not the only Edwards-backing-trial-lawyer in trouble with a Southern California city: Pierce O'Donnell, who is under investigation for bundling contributions to L.A. Hizzoner Jim Hahn gave the would-be-Veep over $44,000 last year.

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