DNC Flood Damage Update: Club Survives Rain of Terror

raindogs.jpgIs Washington the pussiest city ever? Shuts down completely at the first sight of snow, no one gets any work done in the summer 'cause it's too hot, every day another pneumatic hammer is mistaken for a terrorist attack, and now the entire city is crippled by A LITTLE RAIN. The IRS, Justice, Commerce, the National goddam Archives, and huge swaths of the Metro -- closed! Because it's a bit wet! Anyway, continuing our coverage-by-proxy of the state of the Democratic Party, we've received what we're pretty sure is the definitive reports on the DNC flood-watch:

The Democratic Club, which is next door to Democratic HQ, is fine. The Democratic National Headquarters, which houses the DNC and the DCCC, is the damaged one. Somehow the 1st and 3rd floors were mostly spared, while the second floor is destroyed. Most of the power is out, there's one to two inches of water on the floor in places, and rumor has it Rahm Emanuel's office is soaked.

Has anyone seen G. Gordon Liddy hiring out a cloud seeder?

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