DNC Gossip: When Washington and Hollywood Collide

If we remember California's Inaugural Ball for President Bush in 2001 correctly, the luminaries in the Reagan Building's VIP balcony were pretty much limited to Zachary Ty Bryan, Gloria Stuart and ZZ Top. Sad! If you want to see the dirty pool between Hollywood and Washington, look no further than Boston.

Real celebrities -- and no, George Stephanopoulos still doesn't count -- fall into the province of our sleazier sibling blogs, so we'll will leave it to them to recount Ben Affleck's boner for politics, a truly sad fashion round-up, some party highlights, the catfight between cartoonist Tom Tomorrow and chaps-loving gossip Matt Drudge, how quickly Obama-mania became Affleck-mania in the rest of the world -- and, to show how out-of-touch Hollywood really is, some child from The OC all up in the DNC. As if: everyone knows Democrats aren't allowed behind the Orange curtain.

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