DNC Reports: Catfights, Name-Calling, and Lockdown!

The pressure, hype, and booze is starting to get to the DNC reporters and attendees. Yay ugliness! When we heard there were blows being traded, we got excited for a minute... but, with Clinton in attendance, there's definitely not a peep to be heard about actual blowjobs. Still:

On the floor of the Fleet, musical mastermind and mogul Russell Simmons couldn't come up with a rhyme to go with "You're a dick!" fast enough when sparring with a producer from Letterman, so he had to say it twice. [Newsweek Blog]

Meanwhile, Ms. Magazine, our favorite self-appointed champion of women's rights and political correctness, is ripping FNC's Chris Wallace a new asshole via press release over his remark that he expected Teresa Heinz Kerry to begin singing "Don't Cry for Me Argentina." And here we thought Hillary already had that covered.

Best of all, sometime around the hour when John Edwards was trying to pull his children's arms out of their sockets as he displayed them to the crowd, the Fleet Center went on lockdown -- evidently the Fire Department thought the big egos and hot wind constituted a dangerous condition. The only person Boston P.D. would let in during the fracas? Ted Koppel, with the help of a unidentified Congresswoman. So if you need to get anywhere in Boston this week, evidently the open-sesame is "I'm Ted Koppel, bitch!"


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