Do Democrats Really Call Her 'Leader Pelosi'?

Do Democrats Really Call Her 'Leader Pelosi'?

So we were just deleting the usual hundred political spams per hour pouring into the Wonkette tips box when we accidentally opened one, because the subject line was "Your Photo with President Obama," and we were wondering when those would finally be leaked. But it's just some fundraising junk mail from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ... you know, that one place on Earth where people apparently refer to Nancy Pelosi as "Leader Pelosi"?

Her title, other than "Representative" or "Congresswoman," would be "House Minority Leader," right? Or just "Minority Leader." But these people at the DCCC are apparently against minorities and for creepy Maoist/North Korean titles, because they actually call her "Leader Pelosi" and expect we'll be delighted enough with that to send five dollars so we can maybe win a contest to eat some ribs with Nobama in Boston at the Tony Roma or whatever.

Friend --

Just wanted to make sure you saw Leader Pelosi’s message about your chance to meet President Obama on March 8th.

If you’re chosen as our lucky winner, not only will you get the chance to meet the President, but you’ll get to have your picture taken with him too.

Contribute $5 or more today and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a trip to Boston (airfare and hotel included). If you win, you and a friend will attend a dinner with President Obama on March 8th and get your picture taken with him.

Help us show continued grassroots strength for President Obama’s agenda. If you’re our lucky winner, you’ll get to meet the President and get your picture taken with him to keep for all time.


Robby Mook

DCCC Executive Director

Hooray? Anyway, if you know anybody in America who is still a "grassroots supporter" of the Obama Administration, please do shake 'em down for $5 and send it to this guy and his Leader Pelosi.


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