Do Not Go Camping With Democrats Because Their Big Tent Smells Like Urine

  • Tim Geither's newest plan for extra TARP money -- encouraging banks to lend to small businesses, which they should have done oh a YEAR AGO -- somehow also involves, as usual, lifting restrictions on executive pay. [Washington Post]
  • On the other side of the pond, European leaders are coming up with plans to tax the bejesus out of bonuses in the financial sector. [Bloomberg]
  • The biggest problem with the Democrats' "big tent" is all the conservative Dems constantly befouling said tent by pissing inside it. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • As of May 1, Michigan will join the civilized world (and Ireland!) in banning smoking in public places. [Detroit Free Press]
  • 32 million Chinese vaccinated against the swine flu; 1.2 billion to go. [Reuters]
  • Casual sex is totally fine and not emotionally damaging for 18-to-24-year-olds, which is a good thing, as Science has proven that people in this age cohort are mysteriously enthusiastic about casual sex. [Fox News, Of Course]

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