Do Snakes Piss Low To The Ground?

* The truth about Iraq came to Pete Domenici in a dream or something; now he's see the light. [NYT, WP]

* Every single candidate running for president wants to eliminate the very thing that separates America from the rest of the world. [NYT]

* Having Bloomberg around makes Giuliani look kind of like a dick. [WP]

* The White House wants you to know that their pardons are way less disgusting than the Clintons' pardons. [WP]

* Bush is going to leave office with lots of unfilled judicial positions, only none of them are on the Supreme Court. What a wonderful 25 years we have to look forward too. [WP]

* Ex-Minutemen leaders splinter-off to form a new group that does the all the same things as the Minutemen just without all the stealing of donation money. [WT]

* Giuliani now has so much money he doesn't need to bother with all that boring "strategy". [LAT]

* Good ol' Dick Gephardt will get to be in the Cabinet of a new Clinton presidency -- probably Secretary of Not Winning Elections. [LAT]

* Four presidential candidates make the point that when you're running for president, you do stupid things you wouldn't ever do otherwise. [USAT]

* A political observer wondering if Rudy will "overplay the 9/11 card" is like a theologist who ponders whether or not the Pope is Catholic. [BG]


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