Did you exercise for at least 60 minutes today? As it hasbeen written, all God-fearing Americans must exercise for at least one hour every single day. You know Michelle Obama and those toned arms of hers will come after you if you don't and, if you're in DC, it's not like the White House is that far from your place of residence. So did you get fit? Did you go on a run before work, do jumping jacks in your cubicle, or at least enjoy some sexytime with a co-worker during lunch?

Fulfilling FLOTUS' Law that all Americans must move, move, and move some more, can be accomplished quite easily DC. Here are some options for your exercising pleasure:

  • Hiking: One of the best hikes close-ish to the city is the Billy Goat Trail. The trail has three sections, each is fun and challenging, and hiking any of them will help you achieve The Goal of an increased heart rate. Or, instead of going to Great Falls, another option is to wander around Rock Creek Park for hours. The place is HUGE. Just try not to die and/or get killed while on your journey.
  • Gym: There are plenty of gyms in DC, including WSC, Results and Mint, and Vida (the gym of choice of the Obama 20-somethings). If you're an intern, lots of gyms offer summer intern discounts, which you should probably take advantage of unless you're okay with returning to school fat and ugly after a summer of non-stop drinking.
  • Bocche Ball: This would be the "sport" of choice for hipsters as it no athletic ability whatsoever. Can Hipsters sweat? Does acting aloof count as exercise? Sure, why not.
  • Kickball: Kickball takes a modicum of athletic ability, but it requires that the liver be in good working order. FLOTUS never said that your 60 minutes of movement can't also involve drinking copious amounts of alcohol ... although this was probably implied, but whatever.
  • Walking Tours: This is something Ken Layne would most enjoy! Basically you walk around DC and learn all about the history of the monuments and fancy buildings, and who got shot where and why, and at the end of the tour, not only are you smarter, but you're much leaner too!
  • Yoga: As DC is full of yuppies, it's also full of yoga studios. Flow, Bikram Yoga in Capitol Hill and Tranquil Space are some of the more popular studios in the city. If you're not ready to spend your entire life savings on yoga, plenty of studios offer beginner trial packages that are relativity inexpensive.

Let the exercise revolution begin!


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