Do You Fear the Kind of Thing That Just Happened? You Have Crazy 'Bridge Phobia'

Oh don't worry, you're just crazy is all. - WonketteHooray, we've found the first new "bridge phobia" spin-off story from the awfulness in Minneapolis. Forgetting for the moment that a "phobia" is an irrational fear and that particular I-35 bridge had a 50% chance of collapsing at any moment and there are thousands of American bridges with equally horrific chances of crumbling today and killing you, let's go ahead and mock this part:

And bridge phobia is more common than many may think; more than 4,000 people per year relinquish control of their vehicles and let state officers drive them across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Massachusetts, for example.

Well jesus christ if the Chesapeake Bay Bridge ended up in Massachusetts we'd make the cops deal with it, too. Also:

It can cause considerable complications to the lives of those who have it. Take the story of one gephyrophobia sufferer, who when confronted with a particularly long bridge had to be driven from one end to the other while locked in his trunk.

Well, that sounds like an especially safe place to be when your car tumbles into the water. The more you know, etc.

Minneapolis Disaster May Spark 'Bridge Phobia' [ABC News]


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