DoD: Lose Harder, Dammit!

Troop Surge Promises Stability, Xtreme Refreshment -WonketteArgument in favor of a "troop surge" in Iraq: It will allow us to continue to claim the next six months will be critical indefinitely.

Argument against: WTF?

The second argument is the one favored by American Commander for the Middle East General Abizaid. So he's retiring!

The widespread expectation within the military has been that Abizaid will be succeeded by Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus, who led the 101st Airborne Division in the invasion and early occupation of Iraq and later returned to head the effort to train Iraqi army and police forces.

And a great job Petraeus did! Only some-to-most of the police are actively working with the insurgents, and somewhere around a dozen members of the Iraqi army are adequately trained and equipped! Once we promote him, let's put Charles Graner in charge of Iraqi prison management.

A Soldier's Soldier, Outflanked [WP]


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