DoD on Avian Flu: We Guess The Best Defense is NOT a Great Offense

cockfight.jpgA little, thoroughly vaccinated birdie told us today that buried deep within the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill -- which is otherwise noteworthy for the steps taken to fund avian flu preparedness -- is some language that piques curiosity even as it strongly claims to be oh, ho, apropos of nothing.


Does not include any language nor was any language ever being considered related to cockfighting or animal fighting

What? Ohhh, nooooo. No one's been talking about cockfighting around here! Why are you bringing it up?

So, rest assured America, no chickens will be fighting on the Department of Defense's watch. They'll just be wearing flightsuits.

Defense approps passes in the House; includes Katrina and bird flu $ [Homeland Security Watch]

HIGHLIGHTS OF FY06 DEFENSE APPROPRIATIONS BILL [The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations]


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