DoD Website, Rat Pictures Yet More Victims of War on Terror

When we got an email from the Department of Defense's press office headlined "Medics Clear Rats From Saddam Hussein's Bunker," we knew we had just the story to round out a half-day of posting on the afternoon before a Ford day weekend. But when we went to look for the promised pictures of rats in Saddam Hussein's bunker, we found only a 404.

Because, it turns out, the entire DoD website is down. Is this the work of bold new Defense Secretary Robert Gates? A symbolic moment of silence for the death of our 38th President? Or is it because of terror? We just don't know!

While we wait for it to return or to be informed that the DoD website was merely the first victim of a violence coup against the executive branch of our government, here's a quote from the rat story:

"I really had no preconceived idea of what to expect when I heard they had a rat problem," Sherwood said. "I've been called out on these types of cases before, and most of the time, they are pretty mundane. For most people, one or two rats can be an infestation. As soon as we opened the doors, you could see rats scurrying down the corridors and could smell the rat urine. I knew then there were a lot of rats there."

Oh, who'd've ever thought we'd miss the Department of Defense.


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