Does Barack Obama Even Know Who His Favorite 'Twilight' Character Is?


  • Many communities have decriminalized marijuana-cigarette smoking, but one very progressive township has taken this to the next level. Niskayuna, New York, has legalized ice cream trucks so children don't have to drive to the ice cream store after they get high on marijuana. Now they can just lie in the street, stoned, and wait for the ice cream to come to them. [Hit & Run]

  • The anxiously anticipated release of Erick Erickson's autobiography, Jesus, et Cetera, is just two short months away. Pre-order Jesus, et Cetera on Amazon maybe? [RedState]

  • Diaperman David Vitter has a very poor opinion of the FDA, because in his alternate whoremonger universe FDA is a secret acronym for Federal Death (Panel) Administration. Sigh. [Think Progress]

  • Yes, The View forced Barack Obama to confess he doesn't know what "Snooki" is, and yes, this means he probably just read "Snooki" from a teleprompter during the White House Correspondents' Dinner, because he is braindead and regurgitates important words such as "Snooki" without even knowing what they are. You figured it out Jonah Goldberg, you are Today's Winner. [The Corner]

  • Poll: Hillary Clinton could be The President if she murdered Barack Obama and then wore his skin as a body suit, in 2012. [Washington Whispers]


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