Does Everybody Have Their New Wonkette Commenting Account?


Unlike the last time we had to switch commenting systems -- when we got gay-divorced from Gawker Media, going on three years ago -- this "move up" seems to have gone a hell of a lot better. How do we know? Because last time around, you were sending us angry/frustrated emails at the rate of about a hundred a day, and it took several months to painstakingly figure out why so many commenter accounts were "born funny."

This time, we see almost all the familiar faces (avatars?) back in the comments, and there are a few emails a day saying, "Help me, you idiots." That's probably an improvement! BUT STILL, we need to fix these last problems, which seem to be primarily related to confusion over dumb WordPress deciding to have something called "" which is not the same as the WordPress publishing systems used by so many gazillions of Patriotic Warblogs, and also there's this "Intense Debate" (which is much better at blocking the Shoe Spammers and also lets you weirdos give each other points the way common winos give each other TB and STDs).

So if you cannot get your comment account going, please send an email to TIPS at your Wonkette with the Subject Line FIX MY COMMENTS ... because when you send a message like this one:

What the DEAL Ken? The Intense Dabate thingy isn\'t sending me a verficiation email for comments :-( Am I...banninated???

... through our little tips box on the site, it does not tell us who you are, and we have no way to check your account or figure out how to contact you again. OKAY THANK YOU TRANSMISSION COMPLETE THIS INTERNET WILL EXPLODE IN PEDOBEAR FURRY FILTH IN TWO SECONDS RUN!


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