Coming soon to the back of a closet near youThe New York Times has a delightful round-up of all the godawful campaign merchandise offered by all the leading presidential candidates... and Ron Paul, too! Soon all the kids will be wearing McCain hoodies, Obama baby-doll tees and Giuliani baseball jerseys. Our favorites by far are the extensive wares offered by Mike Huckabee's shop, a dizzying array of merchandise featuring superb graphics meant to appeal to his followers' lack of grammar skills ("") and love of flop existential Hollywood comedies ("I [Heart] Huckabee").

Times reporter Stephanie Rosenbloom also believes the items reveal the candidates' thinly-veiled agendas: Obama's girl tees show that he's angling for Gwen Stefani's vote; Giuliani's Italian American slogans show that he doesn't want to alienate his Mafia pals; Dodd and Richardson are the only candidates to offer hairdresser-friendly rainbow-themed items, which proves that they're totally gay; Edwards' button featuring his wife's face proves that he's hardly done exploiting her yet.

If that's all true, then what does the Mitt Romney oversized novelty baseball glove mean? I always suspected he was a catcher, if you know what I mean.

Their Looks for Fall 2008 [NY Times]


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