Does Your Crapper Stack Up?

* "The Alexandria Young Republicans are please to be hosting its first annual paintball tourney, named in honor of our Vice President and second amendment enthusiast Dick Cheney." [AYR]

* "I decide to do what anyone else would do: Sleep on a park bench like a homeless person. I cleared off the stray twigs and leaves and curled up in a tight ball, succumbing to sweet sleep. Remember to always sleep in the fetal position when in public in case you are attacked. Fetal position helps protect your vital organs." [In search of...]

* Finally, the Internet is used in a meaningful way that helps people, changes lives. [Lavatory Lady]

* Elanor Holmes Norton takes fight for Salt Lake City voting rights to the Senate. WP]

* PG County police kill crazy old man with shotgun, reportedly not the Vice President. [WP]


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