Dogs Die In Hot Senate Subcommittee Hearings

beau.JPGA self described surly old bastard writes us today, moved by concern for an item mentioned in our Daily Briefing: "The first dog to walk on the Senate floor dies. Is this a warning or a news item?"

At first glance, we didn't realize that the way the always clever Henry Seltzer put the news item, "The first dog to walk on the Senate floor dies", makes it sound like some random dog wandered out into the Senate chamber yesterday and was instantly imploded under the weight of all the pomposity. Actually, the news piece is one of appreciation for a guide dog named Beau, who won the right to accompany his master into the chamber after some deliberations.

We're of course, saddened by the news, especially considering the fact that Beau sounds like he was a really nice old pooch. But there are two things about Beau's past that surprise us. One, that he should be challenged by Senator Robert Byrd -- surely he enjoyed the company of a hound or two back in his Klan days! Two, that Beau attracted any undue attention in the Senate at all -- considering that he was an animal that enjoys sniffing his own balls and marking his territory with streams of urine, we would have imagined he'd have blended right in.

Beau, the Guide Dog Who Took the Senate Floor [Washington Post]


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