Donald Rumsfeld Hates Children & Julie Andrews

The hills are alive with the sound of Money ... - WonketteWhat did we learn from this incredibly creepy exchange between Fox News mouthbreather Cal Thomas and unemployed old man Donald Rumsfeld?

* Both men think it's funny that they're leaving nothing for their children.

* Cal Thomas "stalked" Julie Andrews and is obsessed with "The Sound of Music"

* Rumsfeld's also obsessed with "The Sound of Music" but thinks Andrews is "showing her age."

* Cal Thomas loves his home theater.

* Rumsfeld hasn't been out to see a movie in six years.

* Rumsfeld's wife is forced to attend movies with her friends.

* Cal Thomas is very excited about some movie about poor black kids in the LA slums, begs Rumsfeld to watch this movie about the blacks.

* Rumsfeld won't even dignify that with a reply.

The Sound of Rummy [Defense Tech]


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