Donald Sterling Once Donated Money To Democratic Politicians So All Liberals Are Racists, QED, Say Wingnuts

Donald Sterling Once Donated Money To Democratic Politicians So All Liberals Are Racists, QED, Say Wingnuts

Assuming you did not spend your weekend in a cave on Neptune or deep in a laudanum coma on your bathroom floor, you heard about theinsanely racist comments made by cranky Just For Men hair coloring model Donald Sterling. Yr Wonkette thinks the great Snoop Dogg said all there is to say about the situation, but unfortunately Mr. Dogg did not address the most pressing issue: what is to be done about Sterling and his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers going forward?

Ha ha ha ha ha, we’re kidding, you terrible liberals. The most important issue is obviously what political party Sterling belongs to, and then tying him around that party’s neck like an extremely moneyed and incredibly racist millstone.

To that end, the wingnuts spent Saturday digging into Sterling’s political donations and whoa boy, did they come up with what they thought were some bombshells! We hope you’re sitting down. Maybe you’d like to pour yourselves some whiskey before you hear this news, or carry your iPad over to the fainting couch and lie down before continuing?

Okay, all set? Are you poised above a soft surface? Because here is what the wingnuts came up with: during the 1990 election cycle, Sterling made two separate $1,000 donations to then-Democratic Senator Bill Bradley (who was a former NBA player). In 1991 he donated $1,000 to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT). In 1992 he donated $1,000 to Democrat Gray Davis during Davis’s campaign against the immortal Dianne Feinstein for a special election for a California senate seat that, of course, Feinsten still holds today.


So far, that is all anybody has found on the political donations front. Sterling has also been involved in traditionally liberal social causes, donating money over the years to underprivileged L.A. schools and the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP, so much so that the organization was just about to bestow upon him his second lifetime achievement award. Needless to say, that honor has been rescinded.

But back to the political donations. As best anyone can tell, Sterling has not donated to any politician in over twenty years, and if anyone has turned up a record of actual Democratic Party membership, we have yet to see it. And we don’t really care. Obviously Donald Sterling’s views on race are nothing that any liberal anywhere would tolerate, let alone endorse. Personally, we think he should be cast out from decent society and sent to live in a crumbling blockhouse on a nuclear test range in the Mojave, never to be heard from again.

So it was with a weary sigh that we scrolled through Twitter this weekend, reading all the “DEMS ARE THE REAL RACISTS AND STERLING IS A DEM AND ROBERT BYRD ALSO TOO!!” tweets from wingnuttwats.

We would like to extend particular thanks to Donald Douglas, a wingnut so dumb he actually throws “LOL” into the “sentences” he writes at his intellectually impoverished blog, for the entertainment. (Seriously, the students at the junior college where he teaches political science should demand tuition refunds.)

We recommend you avoid Twitter or any other site besides Wonkette, where we will be tracking this story closely so we can tell you the instant someone discovers that Donald Sterling donated a case of Tootsie Pops and a K.C. and the Sunshine Band CD to Bill Clinton’s 1992 victory party.


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