Donald Trump Gave Ann Romney A Pretty Horsey Cake

Donald Trump Gave Ann Romney A Pretty Horsey Cake

Hey, what's tackier than constructing a nauseating black-and-gold skyscraper in New York City dedicated to your weenie? Nothing. But check out this children's cake that sparkly bronze television choad Donald Trump and his wife, Mrs. Wife, gave Ann Romney at the birthday party they threw for her last night. That's Ann, the Republican nominee for president this year, just cold trottin' her horse around some stumps. Does Ann Romney have other interests, besides horses and being a Great Mom? Because if she does, no one cares.

Oh, and another kinda sucky thing about this party -- you had to give Mitt Romney money to attend:

The lifelike equestrian cake was showcased at Romney’s 63rd birthday party Tuesday afternoon at Donald and Melania Trump’s New York City home, on the 66th floor of the Trump tower. About 400 people were slated to attend the birthday party-turned-fundraiser, which a Trump spokesman told CBS News is expected to bring in $600,000 for the Romney campaign.

And if the Trump spokesman says it will bring in $600,000, then it's sure to bring in a cool $7,452.21, give or take a few cigarette butts. Not "big money," but still more than the sum of all Wonkette readers' savings accounts. (Yeah, we have access to those.)

Happy Birthday A-Rom! Here is your present from the Wonkett blog:

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