Donald Trump Has Probably Never Met 'Apprentice' Contestant He Sex-Groped, ALLEGEDLY

How many accusers are there now? 11? 19? One million?

The most remarkable thing just happened on television! Donald Trump was addressing a rally in North Carolina, and was just beginning to talk about all the pussy-grabbing allegations women have been coming forth with against him. He said he doesn't know who ANY of these women are, and yet again suggested that one of his accusers, Jessica Leeds, is way too uggo for him to sexually molest. And right then, just as he was getting going, BOOM, attorney Gloria Allred pulled the trigger on her own press conference, where a woman named Summer Zervos, who was on the fifth season of "The Apprentice," was coming forward to say that ayup, Donald Trump sex-groped her against her will.

Wonder if Trump's ever met this lady who was a contestant on his hit TV show, or if she's just one of these crazy ladies he's never even heard of? (Rhetorial, sarcastic question.)

Look, here's what the different TV networks looked like when it happened. MSNBC, of course, cut over first, because #InTheTank:

Here is Zervos's account, an event she says happened at a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel:


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