Not gay.

This weekend, as revelations leaked forth about Donald Trump telling Billy Bush how much he likes to grab them by the pussy, CNN started releasing clips Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski and his team unearthed, by doing the grueling journalism work of listening to hours and hours of Donald Trump playing with his ding-dong on Howard Stern's radio show. It was all kinds of fun things about how Trump is A-OK with people calling his daughter Ivanka "a piece of ass" -- because he agrees with that sentiment -- and how 30-year-old ladies are great for banging, but 35-year-old ladies are gross. You should go read it all, if you wanna! (CNN poached Kaczynski and his researchers from Buzzfeed just in time for the election. Good job, CNN.)

But here is a fun thing from that treasure trove, highlighted by Noah Michelson over at Huffington Post. In a discussion about Tiger Woods's sex scandals, Trump revealed he has never, not once in his whole life, while doing sex to a lady, accidentally fantasized about doing sex to a man. Sorry, Milo from Breitbart!

Big transcript, because why not:

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