Redundancy Alert Cartoon Donald Trump Is Cartoon, Redundant
Why the glasses? It was an SNL sketch.

In the midst of his impeachment imbroglio, Donald Trump last night tweeted a little video made by a Trump supporter, with little video snippets rotoscoped into cartoon form, over some bland Trump teleprompter speech we suppose is meant to be inspiring, as if anyone listened. (Huffpo identifies it as his 2017 Liberty University commencement speech, which would explain why he's not ranting about emails and globalists.)

Take heart from this fact: No taxpayer funds went into making the video, which was made by some Twitter guy with the handle "Power Tie," and who Slate says tweeted his labor of love "several times" before Trump finally shared it.

Charlie Pierce has it right: The shrooms must have kicked in.

It's got all the bizarre reverence for the Great Man you'd expect from a MAGAtroid; slobbering over the military, Trump getting sworn in, MAGA hats, and of course the big Flag Hug.

Plus this weird little extra: Chuck Schumer transformed into a clown (Wonkette adds value: We've slowed it down a teensy bit so the clown frames are more visible).

It's a canny bit of propaganda from "Power Tie," given that the image is from the notorious December 11, 2018, White House meeting where Trump beclowned himself, assuring Schumer and Nancy Pelosi that nobody but Donald Trump would be responsible for shutting down the government.

Only haha, now the real clown is Schumer, because what a clown! What a fool he made of himself!

Also, yes, everyone noticed that the video looked a hell of a lot more like the 1985 music video for A-Ha's "Take On Me," which is why a 34-year-old music video by a Norwegian one-hit wonder was suddenly trending again last night.

Also, thanks to Slate for explaining why the heck Trump is wearing glasses in the bit where he's dancing. He's "acting," as "Tax Guy," in a 2015 music video from SNL:

Hotline Bling Parody -

I am NOT ALLOWED to say anything more about this because it is SNL. But I can definitely say the Trump cartoon is way funnier than the 2015 video.

Finally, we just want to add that the Trump video would have been a lot better if "Power Tie" had taken inspiration from the "literal" version of "Take On Me," because his cartoon would have been vastly improved with a BAND MONTAGE and possibly a PIPE WRENCH FIGHT.

Take On Me: Literal Video

The end.

[Donald Trump on Twitter / Slate / HuffPo / Newsweek]

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