Donald Trump So Mad Obama Ruined America For Black People

Photo byGage Skidmore

Donald Trump is a YOOOGE expert on many things -- in fact, all the things -- but one of all the things about which he knows more than anyone else is how President Obama turned our post-racial United States of Color-blind America into a cesspool of racial divide and hatred.

Like most of the country (except for those hypothetical people who were quite disappointed that "Dancing With The Stars" was preempted), Trump was glued to his gold-plated Lazy Boy to see whether the grand jury would indict Officer Darren Wilson for killing unarmed teenagermutant supervillain Mike Brown. And he took to the internet -- thankfully, despite the president's attempted "power grab," Trump can still do that -- to share his thoughts, which of course we have all been dying to know. At the risk of stating the obvious, the real lesson from Ferguson is how this is pretty much all Obama's fault.

Despite the coordinated efforts of President Obama (if that is even his real name) to crush their spirits forever, it’s pretty clear that there is only one man in America who can possibly save (and control) The Blacks and give them some shred of hope for the future, and did we mention keeping them under control? It's the man who is "the least racist person there is." Unlike some presidents. Help us, Donald Trump. You're our only hope.


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