Donald Trump Thanks America For Liking Hillary Clinton Better Than Him

Donald Trump Thanks America For Liking Hillary Clinton Better Than Him

Donald Trump has been trailing in the polls. Pretty badly, too! Right now, pretty much every poll out there is showing he has a 64-70 percent unfavorability rating and is trailing Clinton by wide margins.

But, if anything, he is an optimist! Just yesterday he announced that the "LGBT community is starting to like Donald Trump very, very much lately," which is definitely a thing that only exists in his mind. Polls show he's hated by women? WOMEN LOVE ME! Polls show he's hated by Latinos? LATINOS LOVE ME! Polls show he's hated by black people? "THE BLACKS" LOVE ME! Polls show he's losing to Clinton? He just pretends they show he's winning!

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]The poll cited in Trump's tweet was conducted by the right-leaning One America News Network on May 10th, despite the graphic stating June 16th. It also shows him LOSING to Hillary Clinton. Why he is celebrating this, we are not sure! Maybe he thinks if he keeps saying he's winning it will be made true, by magic? OR, maybe he's decided that he now believes that the best way to put #AmericaFirst is to elect Hillary Clinton instead of a buffoonish reality star? And he's gonna just drop out of the race at some point to go run his own teevee network? LET US HOPE SO!

[H/T Talking Points Memo]


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