Donald Trump Thinks Obama Should Resign Because That Guy From Mozilla Got Fired


Have you heard about how the liberal gay mafia fascists who hate diversity lynch mobbed that sweet nice man, Brendan Eich, who was CEO of Mozilla until he was killed by the evil gay agenda? Of course you have, because whiners gonna whine, and oh dear lord, they cannot stop whining about how unfair and un-American and un-other things it is that Eich must now stand in the unemployment line eating gruel.

All of this because Eich merely donated $1000 to the Proposition 8 efforts. And hey, since money is speech -- thanks, Supreme Court! -- we guess donating money to a hate group is hate speech. Funny how the employees of Mozilla were not quite so comfortable working with a dude who engaged in hate speech. Nor were the members of his board. Nor were the folks at OKCupid, who were all "free market, bitches."

But this has given many people a very sad sad, because instead of being patient and understanding and gracious to the bigots of America who have clearly lost their war to banish The Gay, those mean lefty lefties are being mean and making everyone cry and also killing the First Amendment, which lefty lefties are always trying to do with their birth control and their Happy Holidays and such.

Let us now point and laugh and gloat like the sore winners we are at the people who are crying all the tears because it is slightly less safe to be a bigot in America.

There are the obvious ones, of course. The National Review, being the National Review, is doing what it does, that is, being the National Review. The editors have never been fans of civil rights movements, and they are certainly none too keen about this whole idea that you should be allowed to marry another consenting adult you love, even if you are not going to have penis-in-vagina sex. Oh the horror!

Having won the battle in California, the sore winners are roaming the battlefield with bayonets and taking no prisoners. [...]

The nation’s full-time gay-rights professionals simply will not rest until a homogeneous and stultifying monoculture is settled upon the land, and if that means deploying a ridiculous lynch mob to pronounce anathema upon a California technology executive for private views acted on in his private life, then so be it. The gay agenda of the moment is, ironically enough, to force nonconformists into the metaphorical closet.

Sorry, be right back. Just going to go sharpen our bayonets to take some more prisoners so we can cram the gay down their throats and force them to conform to our radical notion that even gays deserve to have the same rights as non-gays, forcing those freedom-loving Americans who could once loudly and proudly chant "We're here and we hate queers!" into the closet.

Katrina Trinko, managing editor of the Heritage Foundation's blog, The Foundry, also did some serious hand-wringing about, no kidding, the end of diversity.

Diversity of views is a hallmark of American life. We don't agree on taxes, income inequality, welfare, Obamacare and a thousand other issues – and so we debate them in elections, on talk shows and in town halls. That's how it should be.

But we shouldn't call for those who disagree with us to be fired and excluded, banished from polite society.

We are pretty certain it is not necessary for us to hit the Google and provide you with 10,000 links to stories of all the gays who were fired, excluded, and banished from polite society for the sin of being gay. We are also pretty certain that we don't need to dig through the cesspool that is the Heritage Foundation (even though Trinko published at USA Today, which made clear her views DO NOT represent the Heritage Foundation, except of course they do, what are we, stupid?) to discover its position on diversity. So we'll skip that part and go straight to the very next thought:

The disagreement over same-sex marriage is not about bigotry toward anyone. It's about what marriage is. Many people, whether by reason of religious beliefs or secular traditional views, see the institution of marriage as being between a man and a woman. They believe that children are best served by having a mother and a father.

Aaaaaaaaaaand no. No, fail, nope, nuh uh, and no. This is where the bigots keep getting stuck. Because they insist that it's not that they're bigots -- it's just that they happen to have an opinion, based upon tradition and religion and the voices in their heads, that some kinds of people are better than other kinds of people. But that's not bigotry, is it? Just because someone thinks it should be illegal for you to get married unless you have penis-in-vagina sex -- that doesn't make them a bigot, does it? Just because someone thinks you will make a piss-poor mommy or daddy unless you have penis-in-vagina sex -- that doesn't make them a bigot, does it? Just because someone thinks it should be okay to fire you from your job if you are not in a penis-in-vagina sex-having kind of relationship -- that doesn't make them a bigot, does it? It's just, like, an opinion, man. And having a CEO who holds that opinion isn't bigotry; it's diversity. Come on, liberals, don't you love that diversity stuff? Huh? HUH?

Sigh. We don't expect better from the National Review or the Heritage Foundation (sorry, Katrina Trinko, who in no way represents the views of the Heritage Foundation). And despite the bizarre and inexplicable tendency of some on the left to think Andrew Sullivan is one of us because hey, at least he came around on the Iraq War -- eventually -- and he finds torture distasteful, we don't actually expect any better from him either.

Sullivan is, unsurprisingly, "disgusted" that a man "who had the gall to express his First Amendment rights" was brutally, cruelly, evil left-ishly "scalped by some gay activists." In fact, having pondered it over the weekend, he can't stop being disgusted.

While Sullivan is a gay man, who is gay married, and supposedly a big fan of gay rights, there is something far more important to him than changing the culture and the law to respect his own humanity. And that far more important thing is hating the left, and especially the gay activists on the left who are doing the hard work of fighting for the rights he wants and enjoys, but in a lefty way so that he can barely even enjoy them. He does not care for gay rights activists who get all activist-y. He certainly does not care for court decisions judicial activistly granting gay rights (even though he admitted to being ever so slightly moved when the Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that It Is OK To Be Gay Sometimes). For Sullivan, the best way to achieve equality and change public opinion is to basically do nothing except maybe sometimes write some paywall-hidden blog posts from the comfort of one of your many homes. Anything else, anything more, like actual activism, is just so crude. And liberal. And mean. And "disgusting."

We'd like to think we could expect slightly better from the New York Times, but who are we kidding? It is the Times, after all. So we get the same message -- leave the bigots alone, you sore winners! -- though delivered in the more subdued, milquetoast tone that befits the Times. Frank Bruni attempts to sort of celebrate the speed of change for gay rights, but ends up approvingly quoting Andrew Sullivan (first mistake) and sharing his concerns anyway:

Sullivan is right to raise concerns about the public flogging of someone like Eich. Such vilification won’t accelerate the timetable of victory, which is certain. And it doesn’t reflect well on the victors.

Isn't it so uncouth, dahhhhhling, when people who believe in equality actually score a win in their long battle and lack the grace and humility to comfort the bigots in their time of loss and sorrow? It simply shouldn't be done. The people who have been at the losing end of the struggle for equality -- some who have even died for the sin of being The Gay -- really ought to be more sympathetic now that the sparkly stiletto is on the other foot.

The near universal theme that also runs through all of this handwringing is pointing out, oh, by the way, in 2008, President Obama held the same position as Eich, ooh, gotcha. So shouldn't he lose his job too? Huh? HUH, LIBERALS? Here's Donald Trump -- a man who has an entire TV show premised on the erection he gets every time he screams "YOU'RE FIRED!" -- weeping tears of sad for a man who voluntarily lost his job.

“Around 2008, you had the president of the United States supporting traditional marriage, if you go back and look,” Trump opined to the hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday. “And, you know, maybe he should step down because of the fact, you think of a lot of people would like to see that very much. Perhaps he should step down.”

“I think it’s really unfair what they’ve done to him,” he added. [...]

“That’s what the country is all about,” Trump replied. “What they’ve done to this man is really life shattering, and very unfair.”

We are sure that Trump also feels super bad about the life-shattering unfairness for every person Trump has ever YOU'RE FIRED! Except for not.

Anyway. Trump and the bobbleheads on Fox & Friends are hardly the only ones to claim Obama and Eich are basically the same people, so obviously Obama should resign and go back to Kenya.

Here is the part where we sigh and roll our eyes because we cannot believe we have to risk carpal tunnel to spell this shit out. First, Obama never gave any money or any support of any kind to the forces behind Proposition 8. He opposed it. That's the opposite of holding the same position as Eich. Technically speaking.

Second, Obama did that thing many of us on the left demanded of him: he changed his position and started supporting marriage equality. Was it a political calculation? Probably, and it was the right one.

And Eich had the exact same option available to him. He could have claimed that since 2008, he has evolved. Even if it were untrue, it would have been the politically expedient thing to say. He could have announced his realization that people who marry each other even if they do not have penis-in-vagina sex pose no threat to our children or our freedom or our way of life in any way whatsoever. He could have done that. He didn't. He chose to stay on the wrong side of history, and he paid a price for it. That's what happens. That's what should happen. And as gays have paid a far greater price simply for their existence -- and continue to pay a price, even now -- we're going to be over here in our lefty leftist gay agenda mafia corner doing a gloating dance of victory and not giving a damn AT ALL that the bigots -- and their enablers like Sullivan -- who've stood in the way all along are now having themselves a pity party because they lost.*

*P.S. Matt Walsh thinks the bigots have NOT lost, in fact it is the fascist gay rights militants who are "doomed" to lose because we've "utilized hate" and "wielded bigotry," and marriage means penis-in-vagina, goddamnit, and "this is mere science," and also Martin Luther King Jr. and Animal Farm and a lot of other words, which can be easily summarized: Matt Walsh is a fucking moron. The end.


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