Poor thing is unhappy

If Donald Trump knows one thing about life, it is that he did not say that thing you say he said, even if you claim to have "videotape" of him saying it. "Videotapes" is a well known DNC conspiracy to take down Trump, just like microphones and human beings with XX chromosomes. And Trump got REAL MAD at a rally Wednesday in Henderson, Nevada (IT'S PRONOUNCED NUH-VOOOOOOOO-DEEE), about some Hillary Clinton ad showing what a cock-waffle he really is toward veterans. And he wants to sue, because he did not say those words the Hillary ad shows him saying, with his stupid face hole:

"I saw today -- I left the room and I saw a commercial where it was really a nasty commercial, totally made up about me with vets. There is nobody that loves the vets more or respects the vets more," Trump said. "They're spending hundreds of millions of dollars on false commercials and it's a disgrace. So what we'll do -- I guess we'll sue them. Let's sue them. Right? Let's sue them."

[wonkbar]<a href="http://wonkette.com/607203/looks-like-donald-trump-done-gone-and-pissed-off-the-veterans"></a>[/wonkbar]As CNN points out, he didn't specify which ad, but his butt is probably still chapped over how veterans from sea to shining sea are real pissed off at him for downplaying the very real problems of PTSD and veteran suicide. Again, Trump is not responsible for what comes out of his mouth, because he's just a baby with tiny hands who ain't even know what words mean.

It was probably this ad, where Trump says stupid and horrible things about knowing more about ISIS than the generals and about how John McCain is a giant pussy, while veterans watch:

It probably sucks for Trump that the VERY BEST Hillary ads are simply his tattered orange face saying words. Hell, every speech Trump gives, every tweet he sends, is basically a free ad for Hillary Clinton's campaign. To know that your greatest weakness is your failed self, well ... that probably hurts Delicate Donald in his heart.

But that's how it is and we are glad when Donald Trump is sad.

Hey, here's a new ad Hillary Clinton tossed out after the vice presidential debate. It's all the times white-haired idiot goblin Mike Pence said Trump didn't say things he said, spliced together with clips of Trump saying the things he totally didn't say. He should probably sue Hillary for this one too:

Maybe when Trump is president (LOL!) he can "open up the libel laws" to ban people quoting him, ever, for any reason, so as to keep his sensitive self from ever being embarrassed again.


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