Donald Trump's 'Approval Rating' Not The Smallest One America Has Ever Seen, But ... Uh ... LOL!

The answer is still no.

Donald Trump just keeps REVERSE-WINNING things! He reverse-repealed Obamacare with fellow success story Paul Ryan on Friday, just like he reverse-won the popular vote in the 2016 election, and because he has such a strong business acumen and surrounds himself with the best people, the American people have responded by giving him the reverse-biggest approval rating of all time! OK, maybe not technically the "reverse-biggest," because Trump can't even win when first prize means coming in dead last. But the 36% approval rating in the Gallup poll that came out Monday is pretty bad. Maybe administrations that can't even pass basic legislation when their parties control ALL THE GOVERNMENT, and also that maybe committed treason with Russia, aren't actually all that popular, on balance!

Here, Vox will line up some presidents now and make them all whip it out to see how they measure up:

A new poll released on Monday by Gallup found that Trump’s approval rating has plummeted to 36 percent — 2 points lower than President Barack Obama’s nadir of 38 percent, which he hit in both 2011 and 2014. [...]

Beyond Obama, Trump is now more unpopular than several other recent presidents were at any point during their presidencies, according to Gallup. Bill Clinton’s all-time low was 37 percent, as his first year in office was weighed down by the Whitewater scandal; Gerald Ford only hit a low of 37 percent; and Dwight D Eisenhower never dipped below 48 percent.

Isn't Whitewater when the Clintons were just cold body-counting everybody? NO, IT IS NOT, BERNIE HANGERS-ON, you read that in the fake news memes Russia put in your news feed, because Russia has no manners.

But don't worry, while Trump's approval rating is indeed tiny, and it's virtually UNHEARD OF for new presidents to be sucking this hard before the first 100 days are over, it's not the smallest one America has ever seen:

But while ugly, Trump’s unpopularity isn’t unprecedented, either. George W. Bush sank to 25 percent during the Iraq War; Jimmy Carter fell to 28 percent; and Richard Nixon hit 24 percent as impeachment hung over his head.

Vox adds that Reagan went all the way down to 35% at one point, so Trump should reverse-beat that record by Thursday or so.

And there is even more hope for Trump! If he is president for six or seven minutes longer, we're sure he can get as unpopular as Nixon was right before he resigned! We're all pretty sure the Russia scandal is indeed bigger than Watergate, so maybe Trump can actually make history and tank himself into the teens before this is all over.

Another thing that is more beloved than Donald Trump is George W. Bush when he was letting New Orleans drown in real time:


Oh well, it's probably just "shrinkage" and "don't worry it happens to all guys," just kidding no it doesn't, you suck, Donald Trump, you really, really do.

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