Donate to the Give Slate Something to Write About For a Year Fund

Help us out here, Slate's not being sarcastic, right? This is actually a genuine plea to donate to Scooter Libby's defense fund? Just to ensure that next January's media circus is as entertaining as possible? Shit, they're beating us to the WonkettePAC idea.

Hell, we want a drawn-out, bloody, public court battle 'tween Team Bush and Team Cheney (and Team CIA and Team State) as much as anyone, but we just don't think Scooter really needs the help. A couple freelance journalists and office-bound political junkies aren't gonna make the financial difference between a half-hour traffic court appearance and a month-long spectacle. Still, it's a nice idea, even if we got there first.

And we didn't throw out no high-falutin' journalistic high ground "public's right to know" jazz neither.

Donate to the Libby Defense Fund [Slate]


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