Don't Ask, Don't Tell, DON'T Blog It On MySpace


The number of soldiers discharged from the U.S. military for being gay rose 10% over the past year, the Times reports. Makes sense -- it's not as if the Army desperately needs warm bodies right now, right? But the Army's outing techniques have gotten a little more sophisticated than the old-fashioned way of blackballing soldiers who carried around little poofy dogs:

The legal group has also seen an increase in the malicious use of the Internet and e-mail to disclose the sexual orientation of service members, Mr. Ralls said. Sites like are routinely visited by service members and military officials, and service members who identify themselves as gay or lesbian on the Internet risk expulsion.

Things that gay or lesbian service members ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT put on their MySpace profiles:

  • That your favorite part of military service is "going commando"

  • Recaps of the latest "Project Runway" episode

  • Listing your military role model as the soldier from the Village People

  • ANYTHING AT ALL about "foxholing"

Military's Discharges for Being Gay Rose in '05 [NYT]


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