Don't Ask, Don't Tell? More Like, Don't Pay Attention.

Darren%20Manzella.jpgArmy Sargeant/insane hottie Darren Manzella is an army medic and (sadly for my half of the species) gay. Like, very very gay. Gay enough that he came out to his commanders (and showed them a video of him kissing his boyfriend) when he was threatened with a third-party outing just before he was supposed leave for his second tour or Iraq. Oh, we all know what happened, right?

Actually, absolutely nothing. They told him there was no convincing evidence of his homosexuality and sent him to Iraq where he earned a Combat Medical Badge for his service. He's back stateside, now, and talked to 60 Minutes three weeks ago and held a press conference yesterday, and nary a word about "discharge" has been spoken by his commanders.

I mean, we do have that whole war thing going on, and we are a little short on recruiting deadlines. So, I guess being gay is the new version of trying to get a Section 8? Either way, he's appeared on TV and held a press conference and is screaming "I'm GAY!" at the sky and he hasn't been booted from the Army yet, so obviously no one actually cares who he's boning.

The anti-gay Center for Military Readiness has been calling his base every day for the last three weeks trying to get him fired which, um, might be exactly what he wants after 2 tours in Iraq and stuff, but no dice. Darren is in, and he's going to have to stay in (for now, at least).

Many troops openly gay, group says [USA Today]**

** There is an even better looking picture of Darren if you go to the article, for anyone who cares.


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