Don't bite the hand that pours your coffee

When we saw Washington-based blogger/intern/college student "Toby" send out a request for disgruntled interns to contact him, our first thought was that an angry intern brigade was going to exercise its Second Amendment rights and fight back from all the intern-bashing in these parts. It turns out, however, that the real goal is to launch a website for anonymous interns to bitch about how their bosses treat them.

The forthcoming website,, conjures up memories of the fictional New Jersey Governor in Crisis Guru Eric Dezenhall's new novel, Shakedown Beach, who starts an intern program specifically for college-aged girls whom he subsequently takes back to a motel on the Shore to engage in some old-school adultery. Ooh, and there's a birdcage involved...which for me makes it a "must-read"!

(Of course, there are no bad interns in the Gawker Media Empire, even if our sister-blog in New York gives them the craziest assignments.)

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