Don't Blame Breitbart When Al Qaeda Murders The NYPD!


So, everybody was all Happy and Nice Timey about the New York Police Departmentditching its "Demographics Unit," a.k.a. Muslim surveillance unit, right? All it did was anger New York and New Jersey's Muslim communities and screw with civil liberties, whilst producing exactly bupkis in terms of counter-terrorist intelligence, so everyone said, "Good riddance," no?

N-O, the answer is no, not everyone was happy to see this waste of money come to an end, because what part of Muslims do you not understand? Ghost Andrew Breitbart's Internet Home for Hysterical Xenophobes is SO MAD, you guys, about how political correctness has rolled the red carpet out for Al Qaeda to just attack New York whenever they want, go right ahead, nobody will stop you.

As Breibart's National Security Editor "Dr." Sebastian Gorka notes, the NYPD has completely surrendered and is just waiting for Al Qaeda to come apply for murder permits at One Police Plaza.

NYPD is target No.1 for al Qaeda. On the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, someone decided to make it easier for jihadi terrorist to attack it.

Now, the appeasers might want you to think that new police commissioner William Bratton knows a thing or two about enlisting community support to fight crime (including terrorism). And they might point out that the most effective "surveillance" program combating terrorist plots by Muslims in America has been, uh, Muslims in America, who have foiled 40 percent of the terrorist attempts by home-grown AND foreign wannabe Muslim terrorists here since 9/11.

They prolly would also note that non-Muslim domestic terrorists have accelerated their activity since Obama's 2008 election, going in the opposite direction of Muslim domestic terrorist activity, but Michelle Malkin has the definitive rebuttal to that, which is SHUT UP, 9/11!!!111!!

Heck, some might even object to the notion that New York is Al Qaeda's No. 1 target, considering the amount of mayhem they've caused from Afghanistan to Syria over the past 13 years. If we were quibblers, we might note that Sana'a, Yemen, is likelier more of a target by a factor of a few thousand.

But that's just what The Terrorists want you to think, because eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, no matter how counterproductive or unnecessary. That's in the Bible and requoted in the Constitution. It is known. And (spoiler alert!) winter is coming.

[ / New York Daily News]




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