Don't Bogart That Person of the Year

The Daily Show gets a bad rap for delivering fake news, but look around: Is there any news faker than Time's "Person of the Year"? But, clearly, people would rather talk about that than whoever's replacing Don Evans. The current "favorite" is Karl Rove, though handicapping this "race" basically means picking a number between one and W. Our personal vote goes to The Gay, but why would do Time do anything but pick the obvious? If not Rove, it'll be Bush. And that will be a fun story to read. Because we know so little about the man. Can you get a medical marijuana perscription to allieviate crushing boredom? I mean, have you ever really looked at George Bush? You know, REALLY looked at him? Yeah.

I could totally go for some nachos right now.

Karl Rove in Running for Time's Person of the Year [Reuters]

Showdown over medical marijuana [CSM]


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