Don't Cry for Me, Joe Trippi

According to Lisa DePaulo's GQ article now making the rounds, Joe Trippi pretty much got stabbed in the back by Howard Dean; he had a distant, disapproving father; and he's way into Kevin Costner movies. Any one of those things would make us cry. But it makes Trippi cry a lot:

· On the 300-mile drive between New York and Burlington, "[e]very twenty minutes or so, he gets a little misty." (For the word-problem impaired, that's 15 total.)

· Discussing For Love of the Game, "He gets choked up."

· Upon viewing a crowd of 5,000 supporters, "For a second, his eyes mist up again."

· Giving the campaign workers a pep talk in New York: "'Remember, no matter what happens, he says, 'nobody can ever take this away from you.' He chokes up."

· In Iowa, upon the news that the caucuses are not going well, "He starts to tear up."

That's nineteen times. We're getting choked up just thinking about it.

Joe Trippi's Wild Ride [GQ]


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