Don't Get Bill O'Reilly Mad, Because He Will Stalk You At Your Home


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Both Cynthia Tucker, a columnist in Atlanta, and Jon Stewart, a political comedian on the teevee, have recently pointed out Bill O'Reilly's peculiar (self-contradictory?) stances on famous teenagers getting knocked up. When Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant, O'Reilly shouted at her parents for not "supervising" her adequately -- good parents, as we all know, should hold their daughter's hands when she's getting banged by some local knucklehead. When Bristol Palin got pregnant, however, O'Reilly said that it was understandable and a private matter for the family. So Tucker and Stewart called O'Reilly out on this, and O'Reilly got super mad and defensive! He then sent some Fox lackey to stalk Tucker at her home and chided Stewart for "editing." PROBLEM SOLVED. [YouTube]


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