Don't Iraq The Boat

President Bush met with just about every former Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense he could get his hands on today, hosting an hour-long confab billed as some sort of bipartisan idea-share. It's all a part of the President's recent so-called "candor offensive", which we'll readily admit, sure beats hearing his surrogates tar war skeptics with the treason brush.

It's impossible to know for certain exactly what got said and if any brilliant strategery was suggestion. We sure hope it went a lot farther than we hear it did from the participants. No timetables, yadda yadda, train the only-haltingly trainable Iraq security forces, blah blah. If there was a dissenting idea, it was limited, according to Lawrence Eagleburger, to "you haven't talked to the American people enough."

And the President hasn't. But questing after voter approval and poll highlights is the activity that ultimately, can't be substituted for achievement. Suffice it to say, the insurgents aren't going to order an am-scray because the President starts levelling with the American people. Last time we checked, no one was calling Iraq the central front in the War on Esoterics.

Bush talks Iraq with former Cabinet officials [CNN]


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