I don't have an alt text, sorry.Congressman James Clyburn is really annoyed at Hillary Clinton. He's also the highest ranking African-American in the House of Representatives and an incredibly influential black politician in South Carolina, which happens to be having a primary soon, you might have heard? Anyway, Jim promised not to endorse anyone or weigh in on the primary because he just wants a Democrat to win and doesn't think that endorsements necessary mean that much (hey, us too!). But he's thinking very carefully about that right now.

Jim first got a bit steamed when he heard Hillary tell Fox News this week that "it took a President" to get the Civil Rights Act passed. He is a veteran of the civil rights movement, and sort of recalls that there were a lot of people doing a lot of protesting and giving speeches before LBJ came without a mile of that bill. When Hill's little error was followed by Bill calling a piece of Obama's platform a "fairy tale," he found that just a tiny bit condescending, actually.

Will he, won't he endorse somebody before the primary? He's coyly not saying, but he did want people to know that his relatives seem to be siding either with Obama or Edwards. I mean, not that he's endorsing or anything.

Civil Rights Tone Prompts Talk of an Endorsement [NY Times]


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