Don't They Have Anything Better To Do in South Carolina?


Intentionally or not, the AP article is full of double entendres. Here's a quote from sex shop employee Wanda Gillespie (parentheses courtesy of the AP):

"I know of multiple marriages that sex toys have sold because some people need that. The people who are riding us (the adult novelty industry) so hard are probably at home buying it...."

And from ACLU attorney Mark Lopez:

Though the laws don't punish people for owning sex toys, banning their sale is a backdoor attempt to discourage their use, Mr. Lopez said.

A South Carolina reader predicts that if the law is passed, "a mass exodus of females would follow, followed naturally by a mass exodus of males, or a marked increase in homosexuality, which would be an interesting result in this Bible-thumping, blue laws loving state. The possibilities for counter-protesting would be endlessly entertaining as well."

Bill would make sale of sex toys illegal in South Carolina [AP]

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