Don't Tread On Butterstick

Buttersticktees.jpgSomeone made a big mistake sending us this letter:

Su Lin, the panda born at the San Diego Zoo less than 5 months ago, is younger and cuter than Butterstick, or whatever you're calling him. An unstoppable juggernaut of cuteness! Everyone's acting like the National Zoo invented baby pandas. Not true- it was the San Diego Zoo.

Obviously, we cannot let this stand. So we turn it over to all our Stickophiles in Wonketteland. If you want to return fire, defend the Stick, or just generally let Su Lin know that she can suck our ass, send your outrage to us via email with the subject heading: "Seriously, Su Lin Can Suck Our Ass." Because while the National Zoo may not have invented the baby panda, we sure enough motherfucking perfected it.

Oh, it's on, bitch.


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