Dowd + Safire + Murders' Row = TMI

Nothing melts Big Russ like the thought of William Safire in the bathroom:

MR. SAFIRE: You know, distopea [sic] and the utopia and--Mo and I and Tom Friedman all occupy a corridor at The Times bureau.  Some people who remember the old baseball phrase call it "murderers' row."  We disagree.  We like each other, and we admire the way each other writes--one another writes.

MS. DOWD:  And we share a bathroom, and sometimes he lets me use his hair spray.

MR. SAFIRE:  God, I need it again.

MR. RUSSERT:  We're going to keep moving it along on this program, sticking to the books at hand.

Go, Tim. As focused as a subpoena.

NBC's Meet the Press, Transcript for August 8 [MSNBC]


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