not really much else to sayThe best newspaper on the face of the earth -- the Idaho Statesman -- reports that some random gay people called the "National Gay and Lesbian Task Force" are trying to nix liberal bloggers' would-be meal ticket: The Senate ethics investigation into Larry Craig. WHY? WHY MUST YOU HATE US, MEAN GAY PEOPLE??

Oh good fucking Lord, it's because of Vitter. The Task Force says "the committee is applying an unfair double standard" by investigating Larry Craig but not David Vitter:

"We've been disturbed for quite some time at the very disparate and contradictory treatment of Senator Craig and Senator Vitter," [Task Force Executive Director Matt Forman] said. "You have Senator Vitter, when he returned to Congress, he was received with thunderous applause, and Senator Craig was treated as a pariah. What message does that send? A man having sex with a female prostitute is OK? But a completely nonsexual episode in a restroom is just horrific? What does that say about the Senate's values?"

STFU. Just. STFU. I mean he's absolutely right, but still, because they both fucked up horribly, they're going to somehow each get off the hook? Is that what you want? IS THAT AMERKAN?

Great. Now look what you've done, Forman: Larry Craig is gloating:

In the Capitol Tuesday, Craig said he hadn't seen or heard about the letter from the task force. But he said that he, too, would like to see the ethics investigation end with the committee dropping the complaint.

"I would hope they'd do that," Craig told the Idaho Statesman.

Idaho Stateman, we need you. Fix this with your magical awesomeness skills, please! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

Gay and lesbian group seeks to halt Craig investigation [Idaho Statesman]


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